Si-PD, also known as Si-PIN tube, has a detection range of 190nm-1100nm, featuring high responsivity and low dark current. The PIN tube can also greatly increase the response speed when working in reverse bias, meeting the requirements of high-speed measurement. It is one of the most widely used photoelectric detectors. There are many sizes and specifications, which are very suitable for precision low light detection such as spectroscopy, biochemistry, security, galvanometer, laser ranging, array imaging, etc.

UV enhanced

The spectral response range of UV-enhanced PD can be extended to 190nm. And it has a good response in the ultraviolet region.
Application: UV spectrophotometer, fluorescence detection, biochemical analysis instrument, UV photometer, gas analysis, etc.

blue enhanced

The blue-enhanced PD has a special optimization for the blue-green spectral response. Compared with the general type, at the blue-green wavelength, the dark current is lower and the response is more ideal.
Application: medical instruments, spectrophotometers, analytical instruments, etc.

Visible-Near Infrared

For the universal PD with peak value in near-infrared and coverage range of 340nm-1100nm, it is characterized by good stability, internal high impedance (low dark current) and high responsivity.
Application: Power meter, spectrophotometer, gas analysis, gas particle counting, etc.

Back-Illuminated Silicon Photodiodes

Back-Illuminated PD can effectively reduce the invalid area of the detector edge, while improving performance, its package size is closer to the chip, so it is very easy for array splicing and scintillator installation.<br/>

Applications: X-ray detection, computed tomography, and other general industrial measurements.

1064 nm Enhanced

For the enhanced PD specially optimized at 1064nm, the spectral peak is closer to this wavelength, so it has higher responsivity, high speed and low noise.
Application: photometer, 1064nm distance measurement, pulse laser measurement, etc.

High-speed Response PD

High-speed response PD is a kind of optimized device for high-speed and high-bandwidth applications. While ensuring the speed, it still has high responsivity and low dark current, and can reach the rise time of 100-picosecond level under general working bias.
Application: video system, industrial control, optical communication, laser monitoring, etc.

High-energy Particle Detector

X-ray detectors can respond to high-energy particles (such as various X-rays and Gamma particles, etc.).
Application: X-ray security inspection equipment, gamma particle counter, high-energy particle detection, medical X imaging, medical and industrial CT, etc.


The principle of the single-photon detector is based on the Geiger mode of the APD, which can achieve a gain of 106-108 times in a short time, thereby greatly improving the SNR and realizing the measurement of ultra-weak light signals. The singl-photon detectors we provide include: Geiger mode avalanche photodiodes (GM-APD), CMOS-process single photon avalanche diode arrays (CMOS SPADs) and silicon solid-state photomultipliers (SIPM).