Power Semicondictor(Aerial)

A beam of incident light passes through the polarizer, which will make the polarization state separated. Wherein the P-type polarized light passes through the polarizer but the S-type polarized light reflects. There are three types of incident angle options: 56° (Brewster angle), 45° (right-angle reflection) and 72° (wide-band low dispersion).
Main customization options: wavelength, incident angle, AR coating, substrate.

Radiation Hardened High Voltage Diode

VBG is a grating obtained by holographic exposure in a photosensitive glass crystal. The grating has high damage threshold, low power loss, narrow line width, and good temperature stability. The laser integrated with VBG grating can reduce the line width, improve the center wavelength accuracy and wavelength stability. USHIO (formerly PD-LD) has the exclusive patent right for the technique.

MOSFET- Aerial

We can provide standard color filters from 190nm to 25μm, covering the narrowband and broadband ranges of each wavelength.
Anti-reflection coatings for Si, Ge materials and even plastic substrates can be provided. For the special requirements of customers, we can also offer customized products, please contact us for details.