LED has high luminous efficiency and low power consumption. The wavelength range covers 255nm-1550nm and has good monochromatic characteristics.
Besides a variety of plastic packaging, SMD, and metal packaging, we can also provide many different lens configurations and customized services for multi-wavelength LEDs. Please call for details.

PN Terminal Type Accepts Pin Dia Pin Qty. Insertion Force Withdrawal Force Accepts Pin Height Accepts Package Type Accepts Package Accepts PN Options Reflectivity-P Polarization
R100-SP03-04N-75S-R27-L14 Thru Hole Ø0.4572 mm 3 9.0oz 2.0oz 3.94 mm TO - -
R530-0403-02N-440P55-R27-L14 -----------
F200-1006-02-274K-R27-L14 (TH) Thru Hole Ø0.4572 mm 6 1.24oz 0.5oz 2.79 mm TO Heat Sink -
R080-0403-01N-284K-R27-L14 -----------
R100-0805-02N-C1-G10-L14 -----------
R100-0402-06T-443S-R27-L14 -----------
R100-0403-05T-443S-R27-L14 Thru Hole Ø0.4572 mm 3 9.0oz 2.0oz 3.94m TO - -
F400-SP12-02-01S-R27-L14 (TH) -----------
R200-0404-01T-01S-R27-L14 Thru Hole Ø0.4572 mm 4 9.0oz 2.0oz 2.36 mm TO - -